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What Are The Different Online Casino Comps?

There are so many casino comps that are available and is usually given depending on your much you bet at the tables at a regular casino. If you are diligent about visiting a casino and betting, you will eventually receive casino comps especially if you are a highly rated player. Most casinos keep track of how much people spend at the tables and this goes towards the player’s rating to determine if they can receive casino comps.

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Therefore with this concept in mind, there are many online casinos give online casino comps as well. These comps are designed for the high rollers just like the regular casinos. The comps vary between online casinos. Usually they involve collecting points based on the placing a minimum bet. For example, one online casino comp involves getting one point for every $20 spent at the online casino. After collecting 2000 points, players were allowed to convert this into money. Another type of online casino comp involved collecting points only as a VIP member, which can then be traded for cash.

Online casino comps does not always involved collecting points but bonuses as well. Some players can get bonuses when they deposit money or sign up to play. For example, by becoming a new member, they can receive $20 to play with. Some of these online casinos will give these bonuses if you deposit a certain amount, while others five bonuses just for signing up.